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English at CEIC

A general idea on the way we teach English


Why A Bilingual School?

  • A question that every mom and dad should ask to themselves.
  • Do you know why a bilingual education is better than a monolingual?
  • Here is a set of ideas.

Bilingual education gives:

  • A clearer view of the world.
  • Higher thinking abilities.
  • Better decision making processes.
  • Concentration improvement.
  • Human touch.
  • Emotional learning.
  • And much more.


But Why CEIC?

  • Emotions are a key factor to develop language skills in our classrooms.
  • We develop meaningful tasks to help our kids improve not only language but

The sounds of learning

  • Our kids are usually talking in class. They communicate their ideas, not only the academic ones, but also the everyday ones.
  • They learn in community with a structured opportunity to do so.




Link to 21st Century Skills & Resources

  • Our kids were born in an era where internet and digital resources have always been aroundingles3.
  • We teach them how to search, store, share, produce and present digital information to a variety of audiences.

What about reading and writing?

  • Comprehension is more than just understanding what you read; you must transform it, communicate it and use it.
  • Teachers at CEIC exploit this concept.

Now you Know

CEIC is your bilingual alternative.